The first thing Charlize Theron does in the new trailer for Atomic Blonde is pull a gun out of an ice bucket and shoot three men before they have time to think. She’s quite literally an ice cold killer. The second thing she does is use ice from the same bucket to make herself a Stoli on the rocks.

Are you in love yet?

Atomic Blonde blew up South by Southwest last month. Now, it’s inching toward its summer release date with searing new footage, proving to us all that Mad Max: Fury Road was not a fluke and Theron really can carry an action movie. In this three-minute teaser, she beats the hell out of two guys with nothing but a shoe, knocks another guy out with a refrigerator door, conducts the sexiest wiretap in cinema history, “makes contact” with a foxy French spy (Sofia Boutella) and uses the body of a man she just destroyed as a counterweight so she can jump off a balcony.

The movie looks like James Bond by way of John Wick, only starring a cool woman instead of Keanu Reeves. Oh yeah, and the score is by New Order and Depeche Mode. If you need a minute alone after watching this, we won’t blame you.

Atomic Blonde arrives July 28. Bring plenty of ice.