Getting high with Aubrey Plaza is probably a religious experience, which some studio flack took literally when dreaming up marketing activations for Plaza’s upcoming movie The Little Hours.

In the film, Plaza and Alison Brie play rogue nuns who are anything but repressed. So what better way to sell their movie than have Plaza blaze up with two actual nuns who love doing drugs? Okay, so the Sisters of the Valley have never taken religious vows, but they do worship the green god of hemp.

The “Weed Nuns” as they’ve come to be known, told Plaza that their objective is to sell marijuana-based products to “create honorable, spiritual jobs for women.” But their nunship only began after learning about Michelle Obama’s initiatives to make school lunches healthier.

“Michelle Obama tried to talk to Congress about how unhealthy our children’s meals are,” Sister Kate told Plaza. “Congress declared pizza a vegetable because it made our children’s meals look healthier than they are. So I declared myself a nun. I said, ‘If pizza is a vegetable, I’m a nun.’”

While the Sisters of the Valley found their vocation out of a genuine need to do good, the same can’t be said for the nuns Plaza and Brie play in their upcoming raunch-com. Instead, they spend their days drinking, getting stoned and having sex with little regard for the rules of the religion they’ve pledged their lives to.

Of course, they aren’t the first naughty nuns we’ve seen onscreen. Everyone remembers the ruthless Penguin from The Blues Brothers, or the wrongly busted nuns in Cheech and Chong’s Up in Smoke. More recently, Whoopi Goldberg taught a convent of nuns how to have fun again in the Sister Act movies. We’ll see how Plaza and Brie stack up in the annals of movie nuns behaving badly when The Little Hours hits theaters on June 30.

Watch Aubrey Plaza get stoned with some sisters below.