Luxury car makers have fallen for a new spin on performance sedans over the past five years—the four-door coupe. Back in 2005, Mercedes debuted the CLS, with its sleek, tapering roofline falling off seamlessly into the trunk. BMW, Porsche and Aston-Martin followed suit with their own spin on the four-door coupe. BMW introduced the taller, more crossover-style 5 Series GT, Porsche rolled out its first-ever sedan, the Panamera (Playboy’s 2010 Car of the Year) and Aston-Martin joined the fray with the slick Rapide. Now Audi comes to the party with the A7, which is without a doubt the most head-turning Audi four-door in years. Its sporty, fastback-style profile befits its sports sedan DNA, but it’s a hatchback, unlike some of the competition (the GT 550 is another hatch), so performance is balanced with practicality. Speaking of performance, with an eight-speed, 310-horsepower engine capable of launching from 0-60 in 5.4 seconds, the A7 has plenty of get-up-and-go, while boasting the interior luxury and refinement Audi fans have come to expect. The A7 comes at a near $70,000 premium fully loaded, but as it’s one of the most eye-catching luxury rides to hit the market in 2011, most buyers will consider that money well spent.