We can recall the day we first laid eyes on the Audi A7. It was at the Detroit Auto Show in 2009, and the A7’s sportback design–a raked rear window with integrated trunk lid–left us panting. When we finally got our hands on the car, we knew it was a model that would stand the test of time. The power and performance matched the outer beauty. What else can you ask of a fine automobile?

Now, four and a half years later, Audi has unveiled the RS 7. The term RS defines the German company’s highest line of performance customer automobile (“racing sport” is the closest English translation of the German name, RennSport). In other words, the A7 has gotten the motorsport treatment. Shall we take a closer look?

In addition to RS 7 badging, the body features an edgier grille and bumper design. On the rear, you’ll notice the added spoiler and the two enlarged tailpipes. If you want to make a statement, go for the matte aluminum paint.

Of all the RS models Audi has brought to market in the U.S., none is more powerful than this one. A twin-turbo 4-liter V8 pumps out 560 horsepower (up from 310 in the standard A7) and accelerates the all-wheel-drive RS 7 from zero to 60 mph in just 3.7 seconds–faster than the new base Corvette. To keep it from being a gas-guzzler, the engine can deactivate half its cylinders when you’re motoring around in traffic.

The German auto manufacturers (Audi, Mercedes-Benz, BMW) are doing exceptional things with cockpit technology and design these days. The RS 7 features its own wi-fi hot spot that can connect eight devices at the same time, slick leather you’ll want to sleep on and a highly intuitive infotainment system that a child could figure out–especially the nav system, which features Google Earth maps and voice command.

How much does the RS 7 cost? You knew we’d get to that part. Expect to drop about $105,000. The good things in life (at least the ones you can buy) don’t come cheap.