After only 25 minutes of deliberation, a Connecticut jury ruled against Jennifer Connell, the woman who sued her nephew for injuries allegedly sustained during a hug at the child’s eighth-birthday party. The nephew in question was not present for the ruling. And neither was the boy’s mother, since she passed away last year.

Jesus. At least the “mac and cheese” kid was wasted. What’s this woman’s excuse?

Connell, 54, sought damages of $127,000 from her nephew Sean Tarala, 12, who jumped off of his bicycle and into his aunt’s arms back in 2011, resulting in a broken left wrist.

According to Connell, the injury makes it difficult to climb the stairs of her Manhattan apartment. She also claims to have difficulty “[holding her] hors d’oeuvres plate” at social gatherings. Seriously. She said that. In front of a jury.

I also assume having a bum wrist makes it harder for her to slip in and out of her custom-made Dalmatian-skin coat. However, the six-member jury was not impressed by Connell’s pain and suffering.

“We just couldn’t find him, you know, liable for what happened,” a juror said.

Yeah. You know. Because he was eight.

(Sources: CT Post, NY Daily News)