In Sydney, Australia, a barfly sanctuary now awaits its wilder locals, as the city recently opened the world’s first hangover clinic. This rejuvenation paradise is legitimately called The Hangover Clinic, and it is exactly what you assume and as cool as you hope.

Doctors assess each patient before treatment, which can vary (and are much more expensive than your usual bloody mary and breakfast burrito). IV drip with a side of vitamin cocktail rounds out to £92 ($140) and an hour-long treatment of hydration drip, oxygen therapy, and more vitamins rounds out at £132 ($200).

The clinic’s remedy lineup doesn’t include any “hair of the dog” though, says the clinic’s Max Petro.

“There’s no one binge-drinking in our clinic. We’re just there to make sure people can get on with their day.”

To clarify, a patient’s recovery is indeed speedy and efficient. What may usually take you an entire day of some prayer of a makeshift cure, like chili, Gatorade, and several seasons of Bob’s Burgers, can now be kicked to the dirty curb in only a half hour at the clinic.

The craziest part of this story isn’t even the clinic itself. It’s the discovery that Australians get hangovers. I honestly just thought they drank a keg as a nightcap and then ran a half-marathon in the morning to “get the juices flowing.” I’ve forever assumed the concept of Beer Olympics was their invention and was considered more of a kids’ game there, like hopscotch or whatever it’s called when you make flower necklaces in right field during little league practice.