It seems like “Millionaire Playboy” is the new hottest gig. Since Dan Bilzerian exploded onto the scene with an array of cars, girls, guns, and different assortments of un-imaginable fun, it looks like everyone is trying to get in on the trend. One notable Bilzerian desciple is Tony Toutouni, who’s patended middle finger is what sets him apart. Arguably the best of these handsome, chiseled, super-rich, fancy-car-driving, money-spending, lady slayers is The Candyman, Travers Beynon.

Travers, an Australian native, is known as the Candyman. He lives in the Candy Shop Mansion. That makes sense. Girls LOVE the Candy Shop Mansion. Of course they do. Travers is a self-proclaimed entrepreneur, entertainer, adventurer, business man, male model, car enthusiast, party animal, risk taker, fitness fanatic, perfectionist, visionary, alpha male, protector, father, captain, leader, playboy who pushes boundaries and makes shit happen. He sounds modest.

The Candyman currently only has 32,000 followers on Instagram. I feel like I’m one of the first 500 people to watch the Gangnam Style music video, because I’m sure that number is set to explode. I mean, just look at what this guy is up to and tell me this isn’t someone you want to follow.

Eating off a plate is so mainstream #fingerfood #bestservedbare #mymansionhasthehottestgirls #candyman #candyshopmansion

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Hey Tavers, if I’m ever in Australia, do you think I could crash at the mansion? Please?