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Australian Family’s AirBNB Vacation Ruined by Police Raid

Australian Family’s AirBNB Vacation Ruined by Police Raid : Instagram


We’ve all heard some wild AirBNB horror stories, but the latest news out of Australia might be one of the worst yet.

TIME reports on the curious case of Dieter Winkler and his family, who were grilling in the back yard of their vacation home on Australia’s Gold Coast when officers barrelled through the front door.

The Daily Telegraph

The Daily Telegraph

After revealing a grow operation in one of the home’s locked bedrooms that the home’s owners had told Dieter was off-limits due to an electrical fault, the officers questioned Winkler’s family before releasing them. All told, their stay cost around $1,200, and AirBNB has refunded Dieter $3,100 for his troubles.

Via TIME and the Daily Telegraph.

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