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Meet the Australian Model Who Quit the Industry to Become a Miner

Meet the Australian Model Who Quit the Industry to Become a Miner: LadBible


Modeling can often lead to opportunities in other industries. Whether it’s acting or singing or dancing, generally beautiful people will be able to find work being beautiful. However, one Australian model chose a totally different route.

Shana Mooyman began modeling at a young age and by 19 she had found work helping promote numerous festivals and nightclubs. But she decided enough was enough, and quit. And instead of finding an job that would continue using her good looks, she decided to become a miner.

02 girls australian model miner

She began working as a mobile plant operator at a mineral mine in western Australia. Six years later, she is a fully-qualified operator and loves her job. She says, “I was a little nervous at first coming into this work, being so isolated from everyone into such a small area grouped together with mainly blokes around.” Over time she began hanging out with the guys and became a regular “potty mouth” with the best of them.

Shana says she never really wanted to pursue modeling full-time. She says, “I started modeling at a young age but it was never serious enough for me to take it up further.” Now she’s worked on excavators, forklifts and tractors and seems to really enjoy her work.

03 girls australian model miner

So while Shana may be happier, the men of Australia surely are much sadder since her career switch.

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