On an episode of the Australian kids’ show Play School, hosts Alex Papps and Rachael Coopes put together an interesting arts-and-crafts project, assuming you find drug paraphernalia interesting.

The episode didn’t cause a stir when it originally aired in 2013. But now, the clip is making the rounds on social media thanks to the fact that whatever it is they’re making looks suspiciously like a water bong.

If I didn’t live in a country that has a mass shooting every other day, now would be a good time for me to make a joke about Australia being a former penal colony filled with the descendants of criminals. But I do, so I can’t.

At any rate, I couldn’t find a video clip that had audio, so we don’t know exactly what they were trying to make. I’m assuming it was some sort of bubble blower, because kids are stupid and they love that kind of crap. But even if it was a bong (which it’s not), the show is aimed at five-year-old children. And if your five-year old has access to pot and a lighter, you’ve got bigger problems than this clip.

(Source: Unilad)