Movie trailers are their own glorious medium, tasked with presenting exciting, high-level visual narratives in a minute or two. And they’re a new medium yet again when mash-up-happy editors get their hands on them.

So here now, along the incredible lines of Shine (a feel-good family version of The Shining)], Scary Mary (a horror version of Mary Poppins), and Brokeback to the Future (a May-December Brokeback Mountain-inspired romantic version of Back to the Future), is a new reworked trailer, courtesy of Vulture. Behold the sheer brilliance of The Avengers reimagined as a wine-sipping, fist-pumping romantic comedy set to both “Uptown Funk” and Lionel Richie’s “Hello.”

New York Magazine’s pop culture site released their remix of The Avengers, making it out to be the ultimate romantic comedy. It’s basically Love Actually with awesome other-worldly action.