There are certainly guys willing to fight for the attention of Playboy models, but there’s at least one man alluring enough to provoke the reverse. The upcoming season of The Bachelor is currently filming and—spoiler!—the contestants reportedly have been narrowed to the final four. One of the finalists has a history with Playboy.

Jade Roper modeled for Playboy under the name Jade Elizabeth a few years ago. She appeared in a couple of galleries online and, yes, she did appear nude in some of them, which can be found here.

Jade’s more than a pretty face. The Nebraska native graduated in the top ten of her high school class and went on to study at the Le Cordon Bleu College of Culinary Arts in Las Vegas. She graduated with a 4.0 GPA and went on to work as pastry chef both in Nevada and back in her home state.

Turns out the next Bachelor, Chris Soules (can’t wait for the first “Looking for his Soules mate” joke) also has Midwestern roots. The 33-year-old grew up in Iowa and works as a farmer. So let that be inspiration to any men hoping to swing a date with one of the other lovely ladies associated with Playboy.

She’s since moved to Los Angeles and hopes to launch her own make-up brand and social good company. On her website she writes positively of her Playboy experience saying, “Playboy is the iconic essence of female beauty. I’ve always wanted to be part of it.”

This might be the first season of The Bachelor men will actually want to tune into.