Back when Kobe Bryant still had hops, he filmed a Nike commercial in which he appeared to jump over an Aston Martin that was speeding toward him. That jump was fake. The one above by stuntman Damien Walters is not.

Walters, whose credits include Captain America and Skyfall, performed a backflip over a Formula E car that was bearing down on him. The stunt is absolutely mind-blowing because the car approaches from behind, which makes timing the jump even trickier (not that a front flip would be a walk in the park).

The Formula E car was driven by Alistair Whitton, who is known more as a BMX rider. It was Whitton’s first time behind the wheel of a Formula E car and he had to drive down the straightaway at 62 miles per hour. The slightest miscalculation by either Whitton or Walters would have meant disaster. Too early, too late, it all would’ve been bad.

You can also check out the stunt in 360 below:

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