When a Julliard graduate met a Veteran DJ, MAKO ignited and never looked back. Electronic music production duo, Alex Seaver and Logan Light, joined forces after an introduction and a successful trip to Electric Daisy Carnival (EDC) together in 2011. This year, they made it back to EDC as a performing act on Stage 7. Celebrity artists including Diplo, Justin Beiber, & Martin Garrix cruised behind the same stage that night.

Even after a 3 hour sound-check in 114 degree Las Vegas heat, Mako was ready to storm the stage at EDC. A promising young female singer, Madison Beer, joined them on stage for their collaborative song “I Won’t Let You Walk Away”. A Julliard violinist, Alex’s classmate, brought down the house on another hit; only after convincing security to let him carry a violin into the festival. It was worth the struggle, the crowd loved it.

Mako’s songs are life-anthems - the kind you sing out at the top of your lungs, while having the time of your life. Their recent collaboration with Steve Angello, “Children of the Wild” and their hit single “Our Story” can unite the crowd into one powerful voice. Their new hit “Smoke Filled Room” will possess the same stop-and-sing power in concerts to come.

Any upcoming songs or sets we should know about?

Alex: We have a couple of singles we’re really excited about – and for shows - we have some really cool festival dates planned this summer including Lollapallooza, Electric Forest, Electric Zoo and we have a very unique tour we might be opening for a couple days in the fall of a certain…. pop act.

Logan: Per usual, I think Alex has covered most of what I probably should say, so yeah.

NOTE: You can catch Mako’s set at TomorrowWorld’s Main Stage on Sunday September 27.

What can we expect from your EDC set?

Alex: Swedish House Mafia is getting back together for our set and they’re going to do a reunion tour just with us [laughs]. Actually we do have some special guests, we’re bringing my friend from my college Julliard for classical. Then we have Madison Beer from our song “I Won’t Let You Walk Away,” is going to be there. There’s a rumor that Beiber is going to be back stage, we’ll see about that later.

Logan: I hope his buddy [from Julliard] gets in with the violin; he’s having trouble at the front. Just Beibs, Michael Jackson, the usual on-stage guests we get.

What do you do after-hours here in Vegas?

Alex: At the festival this weekend, I’m going to be here ALL night long just going to all these other DJs’ sets. We rage pretty hard on our “Vegas” Vegas trips, just like you’d expect.

Logan: I don’t think you’ve properly done an after-hours Vegas trip unless you’ve ordered at least four grilled cheeses after 4am. I think that’s fair. Maybe 5am, somewhere in there is the borderline.

What do you do to pump up the audience?

Alex: I’m dancing so hard because Logan is doing most of the work DJing while I’ll be in-studio doing stuff [composing]. I just get a little crazy up there. Sometimes I make mistakes and Logan has to pick up for me, which is pretty much every show, just a lot of energy from me and Logan is the highest craft of DJ concentration.

Logan: I’ll occasionally say one sentence on the microphone. And I like to jump on the booth but tonight [the stage is] kind of closed-in so I can’t really do that. And I’ll make up for Alex when Alex needs to say something and he didn’t – but we’ve actually built something into a song where he has to say something on the mic so hopefully he does (laughs).

What is the biggest misconception about being a DJ?

Logan: That it’s a 24/7 party. It’s actually a lot more work than being on [stage] jumping up and down having fun. There’s a lot more that goes into it, so… know that going in. Like the 3 hours we sat in 114 degree heat today [for sound check], that was brutal but it’s definitely an enjoyable gig and there’s a lot more that goes on behind the scenes that people don’t see.

Alex: The biggest misconception… that we’re all really, really ridiculously good looking [Alex’s Zoolander impression is pretty good].

What is your favorite set you have ever played?

Alex: I’d probably have to say Coachella [2014].

Logan: Yeah, Coachella. That’s an easy answer, lots of friends and family. And that meant the most to us. Hopefully we can top it tonight, just kidding we can’t top it.

What are your favorite collaborations?

Alex: Steve Angello by far is one of our favorites. We have a song out with him actually right now called “Children of the Wild” that has me singing with an actual children’s choir. He played it last night with fireworks and the whole sha-bang and closed his set out. We also had the opportunity to work with Avicii on his first album that was really special.

Logan: He’ll cover it but my favorite is probably with some guy named Alex Seaver. It’s been a fun ride but all of the people we’ve worked with we like and enjoy. We’re all just trying to make something great together.

BONUS Question: What was your first experience with Playboy?

Logan: I must have been in first grade or second grade and a friend of mine had a magazine and my mom was not very happy with him having it and didn’t want me sleeping over at his place anymore because she didn’t think it was to appropriate for me… as a 6 year old. And she still holds the grudge 20 years later!

Alex: I don’t have a first experience with Playboy. This is my first experience!