The best alcohol combinations tend to be ones the mixers directly tell you not to attempt. Bad Larry’s is here to continue the trend.

Bad Larry’s is a locally-sourced cold brew coffee that will get steeped and infused with nitrogen. And you can thank the caffeine fanatics over at Blackeye Roasting Company, where they acquired attention for the perfection of their cold brew formula in Minneapolis, Minnesota.

As a 11.5 oz can of beer, it’s semi lightweight with 6% ABV. This is very similar to a typical consumer beer. The caffeine content though is on another level. Each ‘Bad Larry’s’ can contains 180 mgs of caffeine. That potency makes Folgers’s look like hot chocolate.

Crisp. Refreshing. See what all the 'buzz’ is about. #drinkbadlarry

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So if you’re looking for the mild feeling of drunkenness, and the chemical clarity to know how drunk you are. This is the drink for you.

Unfortunately, Bad Larry’s is only available in Minnesota and Wisconsin to start, although the brand plans to expand further into the midwest. In the meantime, I guess just dump some Baileys into your morning coffee.