Another week, another round of trailers to get us excited for upcoming flicks. Believe it or not, this week isn’t loaded with blockbusters. Instead, we get a couple of new comedies, a heartwarmer from Russell Crowe and Amanda Seyfried, a new indie starring the amazing Viggo Mortensen, and more.

Check out some of the week’s best trailers below.

For everyone who’s ever torn their hair out at a PTA meeting, there’s this new comedy starring Kristen Bell and Mila Kunis as a pair of struggling mothers who’ve had it with trying to please everyone. So, instead of making the perfect gluten-free dessert for the bake sale, they get hammered. This looks like fun.

Blake Lively leads this thriller about a lone surfer who finds herself stranded on a rock after a ferocious shark attack. It could be formulaic, and all the good stuff could already be in the trailer, but this footage certainly ratchets the tension up enough to make me want to see more.

From the looks of the trailer, this could just be another movie about young partiers going too far, in which case it will become entirely predictable by the end. I hope it’s not, though, because I’ve never seen Corrupt Drug Dealer Pierce Brosnan before, and I am absolutely down for Corrupt Drug Dealer Pierce Brosnan.

We don’t see enough of Viggo Mortensen these days, and that’s a shame, because he happens to be one of our finest actors. In this film, he plays a somewhat eccentric father who elects to shelter his kids from the world even as their mother suffers from some manner of illness. When the mother dies, Mortensen and the kids have to come back to the real world, and it’s not always easy. This looks utterly charming.

Russell Crowe is a brilliant novelist, and Amanda Seyfried is the daughter he based his legendary book on. Everything isn’t roses, though. The father has a debilitating illness, and the daughter doesn’t know how to cope with real life because of her childhood. Then along comes Aaron Paul, who I’m hoping really gets to stretch his acting wings with this one.