November is going to be a very good month for James Bond fans. We already knew it would bring the release of Spectre, the 24th canonical Bond film and the fourth to star Daniel Craig, and now we know that in the same month Bond will be returning to another storytelling form: Comics.

James Bond comics have never really gotten off the ground, though variations on them date back to 1957. Dynamite Entertainment, a company already responsible for successful revivals of characters like The Green Hornet and Red Sonja, announced late last year that they were hoping to change that with a new line of Bond books, and now we finally have the first details on what they’re rolling out.

First, in November, comes James Bond 007, an ongoing series from artist Jason Masters (DC’s Batwoman: Futures End and Marvel’s Wolverines) and, most excitingly, writer Warren Ellis.

If you’re even a little into comics, and you haven’t checked out Ellis’ work, just take my word for it and dive in. He began his career in the early ‘90s as part of a new wave of British talent hitting American comics that includes fellow icons like Garth Ennis (Preacher) and James Robinson (Starman). After making a name for himself with early work at Marvel and DC Comics, he put himself on the map forever with the long-running series Transmetropolitan, the story of a drug-fueled renegade journalist exposing corruption in a dystopian future America. Ellis could’ve stopped there having known he made a permanent mark on the comics medium, but more masterpieces followed. He deconstructed genre stories of all sorts through the tale of a superhero team (Planetary), helped pioneer “widescreen” comics with action on an epic scale (The Authority), delivered an essential Iron Man story (Extremis), and delivered meditations on the world of espionage (Global Frequency, RED) that make him an ideal candidate for writing Bond.

In the official announcement of the project, Ellis noted he’s writing the “brutal, damaged Bond” tied to Ian Fleming’s original novels, which only makes this more exciting.

James Bond 007 arrives in November, and I’m already standing in line for my copy.