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Exit Clear

A Typo Kept Bank-Robbing Hackers From Their Billion-Dollar Score

A Typo Kept Bank-Robbing Hackers From Their Billion-Dollar Score:

There’s no part of me that thinks a bank heist is easy. Something always goes wrong in the movies, whether one of newbies goes all whack weaponized or an undercover sneaks into the gang. But the latest news about a real-life heist actually seems like lazy writing—literally.

While attempting to steal a billion dollars from Bangladesh Bank, a group of hackers misspelled the word “foundation,” instead typing it as “fandation” in their wire transfer request. This perked a few eyebrows from bank authorities, who then investigated the order.

Their goal was to move funds to entities in the Philippines and Sri Lanka, one of them being the Shalika Foundation (or “Shalika Fandation”, I guess). However, they had already scored an impressive $80 million amid three transfer before the botched fourth transfer.

And you always wondered why you should care in your English classes. This is why.

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