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Bar Roulette

It’s Yelp meets Uber meets Chat Roulette meets bad life decisions.

In what is either a stroke of genius or the worst idea ever, someone has developed an app called “Bar Roulette” that uses data from Yelp, combines it with the functionality of Uber, and relies on the faith of a willing participant who must allow a stranger to drive them to the undisclosed location of a random bar.

The app, which is currently only accessible via web browser, lets you choose the radius of how far you’re willing to travel and then chooses a bar that’s been highly rated on Yelp. Once a robot has determined the fate of your evening, it sends an UberX to pick you up. Your location, and the name of the bar, are only disclosed upon arrival.

It could be fun: Bar Roulette literally programs spontaneity into your life. Instead of spending time doing research on the Internet to find a bar—or returning to the same tried-and-true watering holes—you could relinquish all control and let the app make decisions for you (and your friends).

Of course, anyone can see how this might end in total disaster.