Lisa Ann may no longer be involved in the adult film industry, but she can still attract the attention of male admirers. So any opportunity to go on a date with her would be something any guy would immediately pounce on.

Luckily, that opportunity exists. Lisa’s teaming up with Brazzers for a Basketball Trick Shot Competition in honor of March Madness. To enter, participants need to upload their video to Instagram or Twitter and tag #BallisLisaAnn, @Brazzers and @TheRealLisaAnn.

Not only will the winner be able to go on a date with the adult actress, they will also get a paid trip to Indianapolis to see the NCAA Basketball Championship live.

So which would you be more excited for: Seeing the Championship or the date? Just a reminder, this is who your date’s with:

How hard could it be to win a basketball trick shot competition? Well, judging from these videos already on the Internet, it could be pretty difficult.

It doesn’t matter how many takes you use. You’re never beating that.

UPDATE (3/18/2015): Brazzers is apparently no longer a part of the competition, but Lisa Ann is still giving out the date.