Another week, another round of trailers… Somehow we didn’t run out of them after Super Bowl. This week, it’s as much about TV as it is about movies, with new looks at Silicon Valley and Cameron Crowe’s new series. Plus, more Batman v Superman, Kevin Bacon does horror, and more.

Check out the biggest trailers of the week below.

The “final” trailer for the next DC Comics slugfest dropped this week ahead of the movie’s opening next month, and it’s more or less all Batman. So far the response to Ben Affleck’s Batman has been the biggest source of buzz in this flick’s marketing campaign, so this trailer makes sense, but it also makes you wonder just how much faith Warner Bros. has in its new Superman at this point.

Would you like Tom Hiddleston and Hugh Laurie to square off in a suspensful BBC miniseries based on a story from spy novel master John le Carre? Of course you would, so here’s The Night Manager.

Cameron Crowe (Jerry Maguire, Almost Famous) tries his hand at TV with this Showtime series about, well, roadies. If this trailer is making you tingly remembering just how special Almost Famous was, that’s no accident. We just have to wait and see if Crowe’s rock ‘n’ roll lightning can strike twice.

Sam Rockwell is a hitman with a heart of gold, and Anna Kendrick is a newly single woman looking for a thrilling man. It might feel a little like warmed-over Shane Black, but its leads are charming enough to make you want to see it regardless.

This is, unfortunately, just a teaser for the fantastic HBO comedy, but even in 30 seconds, it draws out plenty of laughs. Richard and his pals are out to get their company, and they’re willing to risk anything—even looking like huge idiots (again)—to get it.

Kevin Bacon and Radha Mitchell are parents to a troubled child who tampers with ancient Native American magic, so of course their house falls victim to supernatural terror. If that sounds a little like Poltergeist, that’s probably not an accident, but the iconography of the handprints is convincing, so this might just be creepy enough to merit your attention.