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The Cast of the ‘Baywatch’ Movie are Posting Photos in Their Lifeguard Uniforms

Boys drool, girls rule 😉 BAES @ilfenator @alexannadaddario #BAYWATCH

A photo posted by 👻kellyro4 (@kellyrohrbach) on

I don’t remember much about Baywatch, save for a lot of running and a lot of bathing suits. There was a beach too, I’m quite sure of it. And if that’s what the remake flick is going to be (with an assumed toss-in of self-aware jokes), then I’m absolutely, totally in.

Honestly, this is why I couldn’t be a big-shot Hollywood producer, because I’d pretty much greenlight anything with the words “beach” and “babes” attached, and the entire pitch for Baywatch sounds like a teenager’s private online search. More specifically, I’d greenlight anything with Alexandra Daddario, because she gave me one of my favorite scenes in True Detective and one day I’ll win her heart by posing as a gentleman and lying about my wealth and owned jet skis.

@ilfenator and I being badass today #baywatch #baewatch #baywatchbabes #workworkwork

A photo posted by alexandra daddario (@alexannadaddario) on

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