Despite having an estate worth millions, blues legend B.B. King left only $5,000 to each of his children and $3,000 to each of his grandchildren, the NY Daily News is reporting.

Do me a favor and make your own lazy joke about King’s kids “singing the blues.” I have a cold. Thanks.

The revelation comes amid accusations from two of King’s children that the musician was poisoned, a claim King’s lawyers describe as “ridiculous.”

“My guess is the children and grandchildren don’t like the fact he’s leaving them $3,000 and $5,000 each and then leaving the rest to his lineage for education,” lawyer Brent Bryson said. “B.B. did not have a very high formal education, and he wanted to have his lineage go to college, so he set up a trust that would pay for college and other expenses.”

King’s manager, Laverne Toney, has power of attorney over the estate. King’s lawyers say Toney “gets nothing under the will,” and has no incentive to try anything underhanded, adding that some of King’s children “have a long history of trying to manipulate to receive money.” Luckily, lawyers have never been known to manipulate situations for their own financial gain, so I guess we can put this matter to bed.

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