Grand Theft Auto developer Rockstar Games isn’t too thrilled about the BBC’s depiction of the studio in a recent movie.

Last night, BBC Two aired “The Gamechangers,” a “90-minute factual drama” about the crusade by now-disbarred lawyer Jack Thompson against the Grand Theft Auto game series and other violent video games in the late 1990s and early 2000s. The movie stars Bill Paxton of Aliens as Thompson and Harry Potter’s Daniel Radcliffe as Rockstar studio boss Sam Houser. Thompson, if you don’t recall, was the guy who claimed teens were using games as “murder simulators” to train for the real thing.

It was already clear Rockstar wasn’t happy about the film, given that it’s suing BBC for trademark infringement.

Rockstar took to Twitter with its response to the film:

Basil Brush, by the way, is a puppet from children’s show, as seen here:

Staffers from DMA Design, the studio that worked on the original 1997 Grand Theft Auto (the movie is about 2004’s Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas), were pretty critical of the movie as well.

Perhaps the worst thing about the movie, however, is that apparently Paxton doesn’t yell “Game over, man! Game over!” as an angry, aging, white-haired anti-video games lawyer. And that’s just a wasted opportunity.

Via Kotaku