For a lot of people who like video games, it’s hard to think about much other than Overwatch these days. Good news, though: There’s a mod that lets you play Overwatch even when you’re playing Street Fighter V, kind of.

YouTuber and Street Fighter mod maker TheJamk has brought Tracer, the super-fast time-traveling British ass-kicker from Overwatch, into the one-on-one battle fray with a skin for Street Fighter character Cammy. It’s a good fit, on account of Cammy is also British, and has super-fast moves that go well with Tracer’s whole skipping-through-time thing.

Now we just need a mod that throws in a completely annoying, undefeatable Bastion, and Street Fighter V will truly feel just like Overwatch.

You can download the Tracer mod right here.

Via VG247