Some of us will never figure out that we are hot because, well, we aren’t. We can however figure out that looks aren’t everything and that true happiness comes from within. Plus we have to develop a personality way earlier, but that’s for a whole other article. In this piece, we put the focus on the beautiful people in our lives as they take us through what it was like to discover “Hey! Wait a minute. I’m gorgeous,” and what changes that brought on.

1. Not everything gets easier

As a guy who has gone from extremely skinny to really fit twice in 3 years I can tell you it gets uncomfortable. Mainly because the second time around you realize how shallow people are. Little things like acquiring help are easier when you’re attractive, but making true friends as an attractive guy is probably one of the most belittling things you can experience. People just assume you’re a douche bag.

2. Internal Feelings Stay the Same

I have ugly duck syndrome. I went through a horribly awkward preteen/early teen stage years- I was chubby, had a horrible haircut, was nerdy and socially awkward. I grew a few inches in my later teen years and started working out, ended up losing lots of weight. I guess I started seeing a difference when I would drunkenly get asked out by guys all the time, or when strangers would compliment me. I still have huge self esteem issues, except that if I complain about a part of myself I don’t like, it comes off as “fishing for compliments”- when really I actually do still see myself as an awkward 13-year-old.

3. It’s a Whole New World

I went through some seriously ugly years in school, so when I lost weight, grew my hair out, and started wearing more flattering clothes and contact lenses, I was really taken aback by the attention I got. Went from forever-alone super virgin to actually having compliments and random customers/other students flirting. I was always self-conscious about my looks so actually getting attention still boosts my confidence because I never expect it.

4. Doesn’t change your internal beauty

I’ve known I was perceived as attractive since about 9th grade. I got a lot of attention from girls and it made me arrogant and kind of a dick. This continued up to 10th grade where I’d be dating a few girls at the same time without regards to their feelings. I started talking to this one girl, she called me out on my bullshit and told me that my personality made me ugly. That made me realize that I needed to change, I really liked this girl and didn’t want to be someone she despised due to my character. I took a year off from dating and girls to work on myself. I came back my 12th grade year a changed person. I dumped a bunch of friends who I considered toxic, made new ones and I was more caring for others. I rekindled my relationship with the girl who brought about the changes in me. This year we’ll be married for three years. I’m very glad she was ballsy enough to stand up to the “good looking cool guy on campus.”

5. You can’t forget the past

I was chunky, wore glasses, had messed up teeth and was a half a foot taller than all the other kids in my class (both boys and girls) until puberty set in, but even then it took forever for any of the boys to catch up with me. I was bullied, picked on, and pretty much tormented through middle school for being the loud, obnoxious smart girl. I was 23 was when shit got real. All of a sudden the super hot guys who would have NEVER given me the time in HS were all over me. Whispering sexy things to me, buying me drinks, offering to help me move. It was surreal. It was uncomfortable. It made me a bit sick to my stomach at times because it was so confusing how people could be so superficial.

6. Life altering experience

A couple of years ago, I realized I’m not that bad looking but actually pretty decent from outside. Decided to hit the gym, bought fitting clothes, started shaving, caring for my skin, found a haircut that fits me, bought glasses that weren’t hideous and so on. Started looking professional and good. I feel more confident and at ease when with girls now. Well with anyone to be honest, like when I’m giving presentation for a conference room full of people. In fact, it’s me who makes other people feel a bit uneasy in the right way and made me understand how girls at high school felt when dudes would stare them and start blushing when you looked back with a smile.

7. Take the good with the bad

Strangers come up to me and comment on my looks or ask me for my number. I get stared at a lot. I get cat called a lot. My friends tell me I’m beautiful all the time. Some people seem to automatically assume I’m stupid, even though I’m well educated. Honestly, I fucking hate it. I’ve never felt beautiful, I can almost feel grotesque some days. I tend to try and hide my face behind big sunglasses and I often wear shawls wrapped loosely over my head because most of the time I just want to be left alone. It’s great when you want to get in to a club though, and I rarely have to pay for alcohol because I’ve always got a couple of men standing by waiting to buy me drinks.

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