Taken started as a single thriller film with a relatively simple premise, but it was executed so well, and audiences loved badass Liam Neeson so much, that a sequel happened, and before we knew it we had a trilogy. The films gave Neeson a very fruitful second career as an action star, and made him the object of Key & Peele’s fascination.

So, of course, now a TV series is coming that will be Neeson-less.

The Wrap reports that a prequel Taken series from Luc Besson — who produced and co-wrote all three films — has been given a straight to series order at NBC. The show will reportedly follow Neeson’s character, Bryan Mills, as a CIA operative well before he ever has a wife or a daughter to be taken. It will be the story of how the character gets his “very particular set of skills.”

But will it work? Each of the Taken sequels brought with them diminishing returns, though they were still all entertaining, and now we’re getting a show about a guy whose future we already know. It’ll be interesting to see how this develops, at the very least.