This trailer for PC game Catlateral Damage, a first-person, um, “cat-ter,” is probably going to be your new favorite thing.

Well, besides the game itself, in which you play a cat bent on destroying as many things as possible before your masters get home. Because cats are assholes.

But that trailer. These actors are insanely insanely committed to the “as seen on TV” infomercial aesthetic. I just want to high-five the woman in the video. She makes you believe she just wants to cat.

The game itself features plenty of “pushing things off high places.” You’ll also earn power-ups to increase your paw-swiping and cat-leaping capabilities. In the objective-based mode, your goal is to ruin as many things as possible before a time limit runs out, and you get bonuses for destroying special, probably expensive things. There’s a lot of frantic cat gymnastics to reach high shelves as well.

After trying it out, I can confirm that the game does a phenomenal job of putting you into the mind of a cat and encouraging you to ruin the lives of the people dumb enough to house and feed you. As a person with two cats, I find this to be hauntingly realistic.

Catlateral Damage hits PC today and will run you about $10 on Steam (although it’s currenly on sale for $8.99). You can also check out developer Chris Chung’s other games on his website,