If you’ve heard of Cookie Clicker, you’ve probably found yourself compulsively clicking cookies in your browser. The good news is, Cookie Clicker just got an update after three years of nothing new.

If you’re not familiar with Cookie Clicker, you’ll probably be wasting the rest of your work day on it. The browser-based “not-game” is about clicking on a cookie. The more you click, the more cookies you make. As you earn cookies, you can spend them on things that automatically click cookies for you. The more cookies you click, the more clicking can be done automatically, and before long you’re managing a cookie production empire that enlists thousands of grandmas into a cookie-baking army, uses time travel to summon cookies from the past, and mines cookies from the very depths of the earth. It becomes a cookie obsession.

Developer Orteil has been working on changes, updates and improvements for the game for the last three years, but they’ve only been available to players willing to test them as beta versions. Today’s update rolls them all together and makes them available to everyone, with new cookie-producing buildings, “offline progression” (so you won’t lose your cookie progress when you turn off your computer) and some hidden secrets as well.

You can lose all your day’s productivity by checking out Cookie Clicker right here.

Via Polygon.