Our inclination to immediately hit snooze is nothing new, of course, but thankfully there’s a new and promising solution to this conventional setback. Introducing the BedBud Alarm, a first-of-its-kind device that remedies a topical breed of bedroom aggression known only as “snooze abuse”.

Last night, I set the alarm on my phone for 6 AM intending to hit the gym before work. But that didn’t happen. Instead, I absentmindedly hit snooze twice and woke up two hours later than planned. As such, I didn’t have time to go to the gym and am now writing this article instead. Oh, the irony.

The gadget, currently seeking financial support on Kickstarter, aims to curb our natural inclination to hit snooze with a sensor that will not cease until you’ve up and left the bed, which most can agree is a good 90 percent of the struggle. Genius, right?

Don’t think you can outsmart the BedBud, either. If you choose to return to bed after the alarm’s gone silent, it’ll sound again. And again. Consumers can adjust how long these sensors remain active and can easily alter alarm times on different days through the device’s app.

Set-up is easy, too. Just toss in the batteries, plug it in, slide the device under the far side of your mattress and calibrate the sensors to measure both your own weight and your bed’s weight so the device can accurately sense the shift when you’re forced out of bed. And don’t worry, couples, the alarm works in shared beds as well.

Because not all of us are morning people, the people at BedBud know there’s going to be a particularly groggy morning after an exceptionally bad sleep where, in a blind rage, you’ll pull the alarm out from under the mattress in order to put an end to the alarm’s incessant ringing. Unfortunately for you and your temper, the BedBud has a solution for that as well. As soon as the sensor is pulled from the mattress, the alarm will sound until it’s fastened back onto the mattress. It’s snooze-proof!

The BedBud is currently seeking $98,000 and these donations are needed by June 14. If you wish to pledge and make your mornings more productive, click here.