A recent flight on the British airline Flybe has been getting a lot of buzz lately, along with way too many bad puns, after being grounded by a single bee.

Yes, the airline is pronounced “Fly-bee,” and yes, it long ago (adorably) dubbed its passengers “flybees.” Better get all those well-crafted wordplay gags out of your system now, dads.

On its way from Southampton, England, to Dublin, Ireland, the turboprop’s pilots spotted a technical issue, forcing Flight BE384 to safely return to its origins. During the necessary inspection, engineers discovered a bee had apparently become lodged in one of the plane’s external instruments, according to The Los Angeles Times.

But while this seems like a goofy one-time incident, it’s actually not. Last year, a swarm of insects clouded the cockpit window of a commercial flight in the U.S. before being sucked into the engines. The plane landed safely, with passengers commenting on a pretty gross burning smell.

So this weird turn of events could’ve gone a lot crazier. Flight BE384 lucked out.