Great craft beers are like Pokemon: You gotta drink ‘em all. The problem? So many heralded brews are still hyper-regional or only offered on draft, which makes them damn near impossible to find, unless you know how to teleport or use Floo Powder. (Yo Elon Musk, get on that.) As a suds stan, I’ve written about plenty of apparently amazing beers I’ve never actually seen or consumed in the flesh. Alas, such is life.

But a new craft beer delivery service could change the whole damn game. CraftX is a monthly beer delivery service that ships exclusive, artisanal brews that you can’t find in a store near you and have probably never tried, since they’re only available in the brewery’s tasting rooms and local restaurants. For $60 a month you’ll receive a dozen fresh 16-ounce brews—canned in the last seven days—delivered to your door.

So what’s in the box? You’ll get two styles (like IPAs and stouts) from two participating independent breweries, which so far include Enegren Brewing and Latitude 33, both based in California. (CraftX says two new breweries will be announced every month.) But you’ll want to pick quick: “Because we only carry limited quantities of beer due to both limitations naturally associated with high quality beer and to ensure we don’t send you stale beer, your choices may be limited if you don’t act quickly enough once the choices become available,” the CraftX team writes on its website.

Unfortunately, CraftX only ships to 38 states thanks to archaic state liquor laws (what’s up, Pennsylvania?), so you’ll want to make sure you’re eligible before signing up. The service launches today, and if you subscribe now, you’ll get a $10 discount and free shipping on your first box. Select your plan here. Happy drinking!