We always wondered what it would be like to be a Playboy Live girl, so we asked one of the most notorious PBLive Girls there is, Brooke Knight, to give us an exclusive interview about what it’s like to lead such a beautiful life. Be sure to follow Brooke on Twitter at @BrookeKnight123 to see when she’s appearing next!

Playboy.com: What got you into being a cam girl?

I’ve always wanted to work for Playboy ever since I was little. The girls are so pretty and powerful! It was actually one of my friends who turned me onto it. She was making a music video at the time and knew somebody on set that worked for them. The guy eventually told me to bring my stuff over and I’ve been doing it ever since!

*Playboy.com: What was your first experience like? *

It was exciting but I was definitely nervous. When you don’t know how to act it’s a little weird, but I really liked it because it was basically looking in the mirror. I’ve always been a flirt, so I’ve never had any trouble with that side of the job!

*Playboy.com: How did your family and friends react when they found out what you do? *

Everybody is really supportive. My family has always been like that. They know. There’s a difference between Playboy webcam and a general webcam girl, and I guess that stereotype follows over when I’m dating or when I meet people; they think I’m doing a full-on sex show every night, which is not really what I’m doing. What I’m doing is a striptease; it’s kind of flirty and fun. We do have rules we have to follow. So I do get judged like that, but not from friends and family. Not all of my family knows, though; my grandparents don’t know. We just tell them that I’m a model. But other than that I don’t really lie, I’m proud of it! If somebody doesn’t like what I do, that’s okay. I’m not living for somebody else.

*Playboy.com: What’s your lifestyle like? Walk us through a day. *

I work out a lot. It’s bikini season, after all! I usually work at night, but it’s great, I can work during the day for PBLive too. I have fans all over the world, especially in Australia, so that works out great. There’s always going to be traffic coming in from different countries, so it’s cool that I can work whenever. Even when I have dated people from out of town or if I wanted to go on a vacation, I can work from the hotel, so that’s a major plus. Fans tend to like that a lot too. One year I went to the Playboy Golf party and I got ready while I was doing my webcam show. Guys thought it was so hot because they had seen me in the pictures of the party that had been posted and there I was webcamming! Just having the fans experience things with you is a really cool experience. When I do photo shoots I try to get them involved as much as possible. I’ll ask them what they want to be wearing for the shoot. So they’ll send me clothes and I’ll do pictures in them.

*Playboy.com: How long does it take you to get ready for a show? *

It takes me an hour, hour and a half. I usually have a look I normally tend to do with tube socks and sporty kind of stuff. It makes me feel really comfortable. [laughs] And sometimes fans will request me to change into knee-high boots or a guy’s button-down shirt and I’ll change and then tell them they’ll have to take me to private to see what comes next. I’ll do anything you want; I’ll be your Barbie!

*Playboy.com: You’ve been with Playboy for a long time and it seems as if it’s a pretty incredible relationship. *

I’ve gotten to do some fun things. A couple of years ago I got to do a photo shoot with four other PBLive girls that was really fun, I had always wanted to do that! I’ve also gotten to go to the Playboy parties, which are always a riot. And of course the exposure of having your name linked to the brand has been amazing. I just actually did a music video for the band Sevendust! The girls on set got to dress up and pretend we were partying ménage à trois style. Hopefully I get to do more stuff soon!

*Playboy.com: What’s one thing that people may not know about being a cam girl? *

Just the stereotype is what bothers me. It’s more glamorous and fun than what you think. Another thing people may not know is that we’re not allowed to use sex toys on PBLive. There’s nothing wrong with using them, but I just won’t do it. I’ve watched porn, it’s hot, but I’m not going to do that. I’ve been asked if I wanted to do porn before by the major places like Digital Playground and I’ve just declined. I like what I do now, I have my boundaries.

*Playboy.com: How has this job changed your relationships in terms of dating? *

It does affect my dating, but if someone doesn’t like what I do, I just let go of it. I want to fall in love with somebody that accepts it. If I ever get married or have kids someday I see myself putting it off, or when my kids would be old enough to know what I’m doing I’d cut back. Then I’ll get a boring job or I’ll log online and be a MILF at night when they go to bed. [laughs] But yeah, it has affected it. People do judge. Guys will expect that they’re going to get laid right away when in reality that’s not how I am.

*Playboy.com: What’s a major misconception about what you do? *

They’ll think that I’m doing sex shows; they’ll think that I am meeting guys online that are sugar daddies. They’re thinking that I am dating these people or meeting them on Facebook. People get really jealous. They’re thinking that these really rich guys are trying to get control of me and that’s a total misconception. And then there are girls. They’re okay when we hang out, but they might call their boyfriends and make sure they’re not hanging out with me when they’re not around. And I’m like, “Really? I’m so nice, though!”

A lot of people also think that we are going online and talking with married people. That’s one thing we get judged for. But I actually think that it’s healthy to go on sites like this. There’s nothing wrong with it, it’s not cheating. I mean, I would kill my husband if I found out he was going online, but then I think about it and figure that maybe if they are drawing the line at a place that is healthy for the relationship it’d be fine. I mean, I’ve had some people who have taken it as far as wanting to give me a percentage of their paycheck every week behind their wives’ backs. I feel bad that I do that, but they’re so bored! I know that this is the highlight of their week. They like to ask what I buy and I’ll do pictures in it and they love it. I don’t think there’s anything wrong with doing that. There’s no touching. It’s just healthy to do that kind of thing.

Another misconception is that a lot of guys think the people that come to the site are creepy. But we have a cam-to-cam feature on our site, so actually a lot of the guys are really good-looking! I’ve met a hot Olympic athlete and a director too!

*Playboy.com: Is there a fantasy that people request over others? *

The really weird ones, I dismiss them. There’s a certain guideline we have to follow. There’s a lot of teacher requests; guys really like the whole professor thing. I look really good when I’m dressed up like a schoolgirl; I have a couple of outfits for that, actually. I think every girl looks good dressed like that! I’ll get guys who are on their break at work in their offices who are talking to me and they tell me they’re so tempted and I tell them to do it, it’s so hot. And they’ll lock the door. It’s all fun to entertain people and have fun.