Fifty years of Bond films forever changed the definition of the modern man, and Playboy has been with 007 every step of the way—publishing Ian Fleming, photographing the Bond girls and celebrating the lavish lifestyle. With Skyfall in theaters, we present our 50-point guide to the world of Bond.


The opportunity to wear a tuxedo (or dinner suit, in true Bondian British parlance) sadly comes far too seldom. You’re better off investing in a perfect gray suit, as Sean Connery first wore in Dr. No and Daniel Craig wears more athletically in Skyfall. Gray is the most versatile color, commanding respect in a meeting, looking good on a sunny or rainy day and smoothly transitioning to evening. Get a trim British cut with a nipped waist, two buttons and slim lapels to look your respectful, timeless and dashing best.HOW TO WEAR IT

*02. Keep it crisp. A starched white dress shirt makes for a strong, graphic impression. *

***03.* Be square. Dress it up like a professional—not a peacock—with a cotton pocket square tucked into the breast pocket. **

***04.* Tie the knot. Put on a dark, solid-colored tie to look like you mean business. Take it to a more formal level with a silk tie—or go with a knit tie for texture. **

***05.* Go beltless. Bond’s suit pants have adjustable tabs on the sides to keep the waistline slim and the look long and lean. **


The Conduit Cut suit made by Savile Row tailor Anthony Sinclair established the Bond look for five decades. Sean Connery wears multiple variations in Dr. No and subsequent films. Daniel Craig’s modern, muscled, parkour-practicing Bond wears more-fitted versions of the gray suit, now designed by Tom Ford.

INTERNATIONAL MAN OF MIXOLOGY James Bond essentially self-identified as a foodie and mixologist half a century before either trendy term was coined. He is particularly wide-ranging in his enthusiasm for alcohol, drinking Red Stripes in Jamaica, bossing around casino barmen to get the best cocktail possible and knowing his vintage preferences for Dom Pérignon. Here’s how to mix it up like 007.Bond’s Best Cocktails **28. Americano. This Italian aperitif is the first cocktail the famous secret agent drinks in Casino Royale, Fleming’s debut Bond novel.** 1 ounce Campari 1 ounce sweet vermouth Club soda Lemon twist or orange slice for garnish **·Fill a rocks glass with ice; add Campari and sweet vermouth. Top with club soda and stir. Garnish with citrus slice or peel. ** **29. Mint julep. Bond keeps his cool with this cocktail at the Kentucky ranch of the eponymous evil henchman in Goldfinger.** 8 mint leaves 1 tsp. brown sugar 2 ounces bourbon 1 mint sprig **·Muddle mint leaves with brown sugar in the bottom of a cocktail shaker. Add bourbon and stir. Pack a highball glass with crushed ice until overflowing. Strain bourbon into glass. Stir well. Garnish with mint sprig. ** **30. Vesper. Bond creates this drink and then names it after his ill-fated love interest Vesper Lynd in Casino Royale.** 3 ounces gin 1 ounce vodka ½ ounce Lillet Blanc 1 strip lemon peel **·Pour gin, vodka and Lillet into a cocktail shaker filled with ice. Shake. Strain into a martini glass. Twist lemon peel over the drink, then drop it in. ** **“I take a ridiculous pleasure in what I eat and drink.”** - James Bond, Casino Royale31. KNOW YOUR CAVIAR Although Bond loves beluga, don’t try ordering it today. It has been banned in the U.S. because of overfishing. Tsar Imperial ossetra caviar from Petrossian is farmed but just as rich, briny and sweet. ($170 for one ounce,
KICK ASTON Despite the goofy automotive detours over the years—witness the submarine Lotus Esprit and the remote-controlled BMW 750iL—the Aston Martin stands out for how it perfectly reflects the Bond personality: stylish yet ferocious when need be. The Aston Martin DB5—by far Bond’s coolest wheels—returns in Skyfall.
**33. 1964 DB5: $550,000** The original from Goldfinger went for $4.6 million at auction. For a comparatively paltry $550,000 you can buy a show-quality version. Smoke screen, oil slick and ejector seat not included.
**34. 2008 DBS: $240,000** Daniel Craig spectacularly totals his in Quantum of Solace.
**35. 2002 V12 Vanquish: $80,000** The budget Bondmobile. For a low price—relative to other Aston Martins, that is—you can get a used version of the model Pierce Brosnan drives in Die Another Day.
GET SMART CASUAL Whether wearing white jeans on a motorcycle in Port au Prince or tailored swim trunks on the beach in Jamaica, Bond always dresses appropriately—and more often than not he dresses casually (but never in a Bermuda-shorts-touristy way). His clothes are always as classic as they are masculine. Here are three key pieces.

37. Tailored trunks. Only a man with Daniel Craig’s physique can get away with the skintight Grigioperla trunks he wears in Casino Royale. In Skyfall he wears Orlebar Brown Setter shorts, a trimmer take on American board shorts with more of an everyman appeal. ($230,

38. A fitted polo. The tropical-weight Sunspel Riviera polo features high-cut sleeves. ($105,

39. Timeless shades. Italian Persol 2720S sunglasses have dark polarized lenses. ($175,

40. GoldenEye, Jamaica. Ian Fleming’s former estate on the north shore of Jamaica remains the spiritual home of Bond. Today it’s a luxury resort worthy of the man himself. While you can book a stay in one of the numerous cottages, the best room by far is the beachside Fleming villa, where the author wrote many of the 007 novels. Be sure to visit nearby James Bond Beach, where scenes from Dr. No were filmed.

41. Villa del Balbianello, Italy. One of the most serene moments in the Bond franchise takes place on the lawn of this 18th century villa on Lake Como: Bond confesses his devotion to Vesper Lynd while recuperating from a savage beating at the hands of supervillain Le Chiffre. The villa is open to the public in the summer.

42. Casino de Monte Carlo, Monaco. This belle epoque casino in Monaco is the embodiment of the gaming glamour of Bond’s world. You can play his favorite card game, chemin de fer, but be sure to dress the part: The casino has a strict dress code, and you must wear a jacket after eight P.M.

(and 44) Watch Yourself
Ian Fleming and Sean Connery’s Bond both wore Rolexes. In Skyfall Daniel Craig carries on the dive-watch tradition with the new Omega Seamaster Skyfall edition. It has steely good looks, low-key double-O branding on the face and is waterproof to a tactical 600 meters. ($6,500, POP A TOP

Because man cannot live on martinis alone, sometimes popping a top is all that’s required to slake your thirst. Three bottles you should buy.

45. Bollinger. While Bond loves expensive vintage Dom Pérignon, he also enjoys nonvintage Bollinger, which is priced at a more palatable $55.
46. Red Stripe. Bond drinks this classic Jamaican beer at a bordello in the novel The Man With the Golden Gun. His sidekick Quarrel quaffs it beachside in Dr. No.
47. Perrier. In the story “From a View to a Kill,” Fleming writes that Bond believed “expensive soda water was the cheapest way to improve a poor drink.” BOND MARKET

Round out your arsenal with these spy-worthy gadgets and gear you can actually use in the real world.

48. With this smartphone, who Needs Q? The functionality of Minox subminiature cameras, GPS tracking systems and wiretapping technology has made its way into the Sony Xperia T, Bond’s official phone in Skyfall. It’s suitably sleek and black with a 13-megapixel camera and superwide 4.6-inch screen.
49. Shoot to Thrill. While the 7.65mm Walther PPK is the gun most closely associated with Bond, the lesser-known LP53 is within reach for most of us. This long-barreled pistol—brandished by Sean Connery on the poster for From Russia With Love—is actually an air-powered pellet gun. You can sometimes find used models on gun-collector sites for less than $500.
50. Ride a Bike. If you can’t afford an Aston Martin, get the new Honda CRF250R motocross bike, one of which Bond commandeers in Skyfall. We’re not saying you should take a shortcut across car roofs during your morning commute, but it’s nice to know that if you need to you could. ($7,420,