First, someone created a selfie stick to help self-absorbed Americans take pictures of themselves without all the unnecessary strain of extending their arm fully. But now that belfies have become an actual meme, a company actually decided to create a stick specifically for people who need to take pictures of their rear end for the world to see.

From the creators of comes the BelfieStick! These inventors are truly altruistic, as they state on their website, “Finally, a solution to all your back problems!”

Finally, she can focus less on her back pain and more on her social media following!

Finally, she can focus less on her back pain and more on her social media following!

Now you’re probably thinking, “Wait a minute, a belfie stick is the same as a selfie stick. I just need to point it towards my juicy behind!” You would be wrong. Using advanced technology, possibly developed by NASA, the BelfieStick is uniquely designed to take the best ass shots possible. Don’t believe me? Here’s a diagram posted by BelfieStick to show how it works.

Not sure Elon Musk would even be able to explain how it works.

The BelfieStick is perfect for any situation. Such as going to the pool.

Or if a dog’s lying near you.

So many different applications. The website also includes testimonials from people whose lives have been changed since buying the BelfieStick. Here’s what Lauren from Los Angeles says, “I never again have to take pics in the bathroom. I can’t tell you how many times Ive dropped my iphone trying to take pics. I love it! Thank God they invented belfiestick!”

If that doesn’t convince you, then you’re clearly not a narcissist.

Unfortunately the BelfieStick is all sold out at the moment, but you can pre-order one for when they re-stock at some point in 2015. So by the end of the year we can enjoy all the butts we find on social media with none of the guilt of knowing the pain and suffering it took for those people to take the original photos.

I am seriously concerned for the future of humanity.

Joseph Misulonas is an editorial assistant for He posts all his selfies, belfies, melfies (selfies of inside of his mouth) on Twitter at @jmisulonas.