It’s been three days since Fyre Fest died a slow, painful death that played out on social media for all to see. Now it’s time for the autopsy. As the lawsuits start to pour in, those responsible for convincing thousands of rich millenials to fly out to the Bahamas for a Lord of The Flies tribute weekend, are releasing statements to try and quell the simmering volcano. Ja Rule took (kind of) full responsibility, and his partner in crime, the tech entrepreneur Billy McFarland, has already started talking about next year.

But if the organizers really do want to try this whole thing again, they’ll have to do it without the help of Bella Hadid. The model and a handful of her influential friends, were flown down to the Bahamas last year to help start the hype machine for what was being billed as “the next Coachella” by posting a series of FOMO-inducing Bikini-clad Instagrams

On Saturday, Hadid apologized for promoting the festival, and assured her fans that she had nothing to do with its execution:

“Hey guys, I just wanted to address Fyre Festival…Even though this was not my project what so ever, nor was I informed about the production or process of the festival in any shape or form, I do know that it has always been out of great intent and they truly wanted all of us to have the time of our lives.”

“I initially trusted this would be an amazing & memorable experience for all of us, which is why I agree to do one promotion not knowing about the disaster that was to come. I feel so sorry and badly because this is something I couldn’t stand by, although of course if I would have known about the outcome, you would have all known too. I hope everyone is safe and back with their families and loved ones,” she wrote.

Hadid gets props for owning up to her part in convincing people that this thing was actually going to work, especially as Kendall Jenner and Emily Ratajowski have continued to remain silent. But if Hadid really wants to say she’s sorry, she can start by donating the gigantic fee she received to promote Fyre Fetival to the massive refund effort that’s already underway.