The next issue of V Magazine hits stands March 10, and will include a series of stunning black-and-white portraits of Bella Hadid taken by photographer Mario Sorrenti. The photos are inspired by Sorrenti’s own previous work, paying homage to his images of Kate Moss for Calvin Klein in the early ‘90s.

Sorrenti told WWD he saw the shoot as an opportunity to show Hadid in a new light. “Every time we shoot or see her, we always see her being very glamorous. The photographs always focus on the fashion and less on the girl, and I think she’s such a beautiful, sweet girl. I really felt like taking some pictures of her that kind of reveal a more sensitive and natural side of her.”

In Sorrenti’s pics, Hadid wears very little makeup—and very little clothing. The few pieces she does wear are simple and black, so the focus is entirely on her shimmering skin and the soft curves of her body.

See all the photos here, and for a peek behind the scenes, check out this V Magazine video: