Never one to shy away from an opportunity to showcase a beach-and-bikini moment, Bella Thorne shared a series of hot photos taken during a recent vacation in Cancun, Mexico with her Instagram following of 15 million, along with her 6.56 million Twitter followers.

Still rocking blue hair and referring to herself as #yungsmurf, it looks like Thorne spent President’s Day weekend south of the border.

Watch as Thorne demonstrates how to tie a swimsuit, in case you weren’t sure how it’s done.

Frolicking on the beach, Thorne kicks her leg into the air, wearing a pastel blue bikini, with her colorful hair in braids.

Her braids were vibrant blue and hot pink.

Thorne and friend, model Kyra Santoro, laugh as the sun sets over the ocean.

Always laughing with this beauty ❤️❤️ #vacation #throwback to last night ☠️

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The duo also poses on the boardwalk.

The tropical water did not wash away glitter, by vegan “skin jewelry” brand Lemonhead, as Thorne captions “I sweat glitter,” and shares this photo of silver metallic sparkles glistening about.

I sweat glitter 😂👿🍓✨ #weekendvibes #glitter #yungsmurf

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Her green bikini, by Bengal Bikinis, also looks great with ripped denim jeans.

Baby bells killing it in the evergreen "Lanai" top 😍— #BengalBikinis @bellathorne

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Here Thorne models a blue bikini and backwards white baseball cap, as she smiles, captioning “The beach is my home.”

The beach is my home✨#happymonday #presidentsday

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A lounging Thorne poses while soaking up sun.

She turns her head to look at her friend, Kyra Santoro.

Lookin at #bae like 😍 damn get yo fine ass over here 🍓😈 #tbt

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Santoro gazed back, captioning “Staring at you.”

Staring at you…📸 @bellathorne

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Santoro wore a similarly hued swimsuit.

Thank you for having us @thompsonplayadelcarmen @catchplaya #mexico #sunday

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Santoro also braided her hair during the trip; however, this style appeared temporary.

The braids lasted about a day

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Looks like the ladies made the most of their time in the tropical paradise, and we can’t wait to see where they travel next.