First of all, I hope everyone had themselves a wonderful Christmas. I noticed that, more than ever, Christmas has become a universal thing regradless of religion. I know the politically correct term is “Happy Holidays” in order to avoid being too specific, but let’s face it: no other holiday is as joyous and festive as Christmas. That’s why it’s sort of become this universally-adopted thing that even non-Christians gravitate towards. The reason for this could be a wide array of things: the presents, the songs, the tree, the food, the outfits, or a number of other options. I know that, personally, I love the Christmas attire.

It’s tradition to get together with the people you love most and wear the ugliest sweater you can muster up. Obviously, Bella Thorne did not get that memo, because she clearly did the exact opposite. Rather than wear a nice, comfy sweater, Bella practically wore a bikini top to her Christmas festivities. Look, I’m not complaining… but you know what Drake says about the girl who “started wearing less and sippin eggnog more”…

Reunited 😋👀🤓👯💃👠🕶💍

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hell yeah all of us together again❤️☃👭👯

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When the squad’s back in action 😈❤️😍

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It appears as though later in the week, Bella found her proper Christmas wardrobe and got even more in the spirit of the holiday.

Woke up like this ❤️ now a fun weekend with my girls ❤️

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