If you follow both Bella Thorne and Dove Cameron on Twitter, you’ve probably noticed that they seem to like each other. A few weeks back, Thorne tweeted a photo of Cameron looking stunning in a red dress at the Descendants 2 premiere, along with an admiring message:

Cameron seemed to appreciate the compliment:

This week, People asked Thorne about that flirty exchange, and she listed a few of the many things she admires about Cameron:

“She has this beautiful, angelic image and it’s just like ‘Ah, Dove!’ It totally goes with her name and then you meet her and that girl is down. She’s so cool, talks with a lower register voice like me. I don’t meet many girls like that so that’s cool and she’s just like so chill and open you know and you just don’t meet people like that, so it’s really… I really like her.”

When Cameron saw the clip, she called Thorne’s comments “so kind and adorable.”

Realistically, they’re probably just being friendly, but they would be cute together. As for whether it could ever really happen, Thorne is openly bisexual, and seems to be single, based on her recent social media updates. But Cameron is dating her Descendants 2 costar Thomas Doherty, so a romantic relationship with Thorne probably isn’t likely in the immediate future.

Even if they’re just two talented women with a lot in common—they both got their start on the Disney Channel and grew up to be even bigger stars—it’s great that they have each other’s backs. It’s always nice to see women supporting each other in such a public way.

There don’t seem to be any recent photos of Thorne and Cameron hanging out together, but here are some individual Instagrams of each of them doing their extremely attractive thing.


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