It’s not even really up for debate at this point: Bella Thorne is totally “in” right now. I mean, it makes sense, too. She’s young, she’s hot and nobody is exactly quite sure what she does… so it’s perfect! It seems like everything she does, whether it’s go to the gym or bake cookies, ends up getting people’s attention.

Well, this time she did something that definitely deserves your attention. She wore a french maid’s outfit. I’m not exactly sure what the reason was, since these aren’t old images from Halloween. No, these are new images from what must be a costume party of sorts. Whatever the reason may be, these are guaranteed to give you fantasies that you didn’t even know you had.

As an added bonus, Bella has also been hanging out with one of our favorites, Lexy Panterra, a whole lot recently. Here’s hoping that Bella joins Lexy in her next twerking video!

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