You’ve probably heard older generations complain about this younger generation. They say we’re lazy. They say we don’t work hard. They say we don’t know what real work ethic is. Well, Bella Thorne certainly shatters that awful stereotype.

The 18-year old singer, actress, model, and social media startlet is anything but lazy. In fact, Galore just dubbed her “The Workaholic Queen Of Young Hollywood”. In an era where a Jenner sister can garner 50-million followers by posting selfies and earn millions by launching a cosmetic line, it’s refreshing to see someone who puts in the actual (wo)man hours.

Bella Thorne, at 18 years of age, already has 54 acting credits on her IMDB page. She’s also a successful singer, with two EPs, three singles, one featured single, four promotional singles, and six music videos. Both her singles cracked the Billboard Hot 100 list. When she isn’t singing or acting, Bella is constantly modeling in photo shoots. When it’s finally time for all that to be done, she still manages to keep up with a massive social media following and has a remarkably impressive online presence. This girl just does not stop.

While the interview with Galore is definitely a worthwhile read, I greatly suggest taking a gander at the photos that follow it. Here are a few of my favorites, while the rest can be found below the interview here.

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