New Year, New Me!

That’s what millions of people are saying right now. With the start of 2016, people love using this as an excuse for a clean slate to start fresh. We all want to start eating better, we all want to start getting on a better sleep schedule, and we all want to start working out. I bet this is the most active week of the year because everyone decides to get in shape. Chances are, by February we’ll all be on the couch eating pizza and using that new stationary bike as a coat hanger. But this week? This week we work out!

Bella Thorne is no exception; she’s busy busting her butt in the gym too. The only difference is, she’s already in incredible shape, and I’d venture to guess that she’s going to stay that way too. This isn’t just a New Years fab for her, this is more of a consistent thing. How do I know? Just look at her. This is clearly a girl that works out.

Also, she posted this video this morning on her Instagram:

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