Have you checked out Bella Thorne’s Twitter feed lately? While she posts lots of hot photos on Instagram, and gives fans peeks into her private life (like her first bikini wax) on Snapchat, she uses Twitter to connect directly with her fans. Last year, when a fan tweeted her asking if she is bisexual, she answered in one word, “Yes.” That kind of direct, honest interaction is typical of Thorne’s Twitter feed.

On Tuesday, the Famous in Love actress responded to a fan’s tweet about how she has “tha hairiest legs I’ve ever seen” by taking it as a compliment. She retweeted the comment, agreed with it, and used the hashtag #proud. She’s not just proud of her leg hair. She’s hashtag #proud!

Last week, Thorne met another relatively hairy creature—a giraffe—and shared photos of the encounter on both Instagram and Twitter. Her tweet was much more to-the-point:

In a Harper’s Bazaar interview last month, Thorne admitted that being so open online has a downside, saying “When you’re the most hated person on the internet, then it’s not so fun.” She does her best to laugh off the trolls, though. In a recent BuzzFeed video, she responds directly to several negative tweets about her, and then says, “Fuck you guys. You can’t get rid of me.”