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Disney Star Bella Thorne’s Most Recent Photoshoot Will Make You Say ‘Hot Damn!’

It seems as though everything Bella Thorne touches turns to gold these days. She’s like the anti-Medusa. Her latest endeavor involves posing for the cover of VVV Magazine. Bella isn’t the only cover model, as there are four different options in total. The 18-year old actress joins the likes of Eva Longoria, Paula Patton, and Isla Fisher (I guess they have a thing for sexy redheads). While those are all quality options, I think the Bella pictures are the ones I’m most interested in.

Bella Thorne VVV Magazine 1

VVV magazine

You really can’t turn the corner without hearing about Bella Thorne these days. She’s taking over the Kardashians/Jenners as the new girl that can do absolutely anything and get written about. Bella Thorne can wear an animal-print onesie and it’ll be front-page news. She can take a nap and there will be headlines about it. At least this sexy photo shoot deserves the attention.

Bella Thorne VVV Magazine 3

VVV magazine

Bella Thorne VVV Magazine 5

VVV magazine

Bella Thorne VVV Magazine 6

VVV magazine

Be sure to pick up a copy of VVV magazine to see the full photoshoot, and check out their website for more.

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