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When it comes to great Hollywood romances, Bella Thorne and Scott Disick were never going to be mentioned in the same breath as Taylor and Burton, Bogart and Bacall, or even Roberts and Lovett. But their split—which Thorne all but confirmed via a rather cryptic tweet—feels a little premature.

The duo first sparked rumors of a romance last week, when they were seen canoodling at some of West Hollywood’s most celebrity-friendly haunts—the kind of places famous people go when they want rumors to swirl. Attention was in fact the magic elixir that helped spawn this odd coupling, according to People. A source told the magazine that Thorne and Disick were “loving the attention” and the fact that everyone was “talking about them and hating on them.”

That might explain why Thorne thought it might be wise to join Disick in Cannes, which is ground zero for stars, influencers, and hangers-on this time of year. As expected, the requisite poolside pics did emerge. Disick and Thorne look very much like two people in like or, we suppose, two people that very much would like everyone to think they’re in like.

But that was then. Remember that tweet we mentioned earlier? Well, here it is.

That doesn’t sound like someone who’s in like, does it? Not with fancy lives, not with Cannes, and certainly not with Disick. TMZ is reporting that Thorne got spooked once she saw just how hard Disick parties, which contradicts what the aforementioned source told People.

“Bella doesn’t care. She’s cool with it because she’s probably messing around with other guys and girls too,” the source said. “They’re a good match in the sense that they’re providing each other with exactly what they want.”

It would appear that Thorne has indeed moved on from Disick, if her follow up tweets are any indication.

So what’s our main takeaway from this little episode of Hollywood drama and international intrigue? Bella Thorne calles Scott Disick “Cannes.”