As a man, I admit I’ve never had a bikini wax, nor has any hair been removed from my body via a wax-like substance. And after watching Famous In Love star Bella Thorne endure the procedure through watery eyes and a clenched jaw, I’m not sure I’d ever want to.

On Tuesday, Thorne shared her first-ever experience getting a bikini wax on Snapchat (@bellathornedab). The graphic video, in which Throne’s body is on full display with her private area barely covered by a red scribble, features the openly bisexual actress wretch in pain as strip after strip is torn from her body’s most sensitive areas.

The video, captioned “first time getting waxed,” serves as a painful reminder of all the B.S. women must go through that a man does not (unless he really has the desire).

Before the pain even begins, Thorne has an eerily accurate premonition, “This is going to hurt so bad!” And judging by the blood curdling screams punctuated by the occasional bout of forced laughter that follows, she was right on the money with that one.

When the evil wax lady is finally done torturing Thorne, the former Disney star is shown clipping what’s left of her pubic hair with a pair of scissors, describing each individual strand as “so coarse!” Obviously, if there was trimming involved, Thorne opted not to go full Brazilian, but let’s not read too far into that.

Based on the snaps that followed, the 19-year-old had herself a much deserved “me day”, opting for the most painful treatment first. Following the wax, Thorne received various facial treatments that undoubtedly cost her a small fortune.

Before we get to the video, though, perhaps we should all take in the perfection that is Bella Thorne in a bikini.

SOON I SHALL BE WITH MY BANANAS CREW!!! Bahamas I’m coming for yah ;)

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If you wish to see Bella endure the dreaded bikini wax (and perhaps feel some empathy for the women who do it), you can check it out below.