Most men would trip over themselves to have Bella Thorne acknowledge their existence for even a second. But in the trailer for the upcoming Netflix thriller You Get Me, being the object of Thorne’s insatiable lust is supposed to be a very bad thing. Talk about suspension of disbelief.

The boy with the enviable problem is played by Taylor John Smith, an actor with disposable boy-next-door looks and questionable skills as a thespian. But one look at his filmography reveals a lead role in HBO’s upcoming Gillian Flynn/Amy Adams vehicle Sharp Objects, which suggests that Smith might just be a star in the making.

But this is very much the Bella Thorne show. Her character is culled straight from the Glenn Close book on “How to Stalk People and Look Damn Good While Doing It.” Let’s take a peek inside.

Chapter One: Get a pair of sexy wheels.

Chapter Two: Show up when the object of your affection is emotionally vulnerable.

Chapter Three: Change schools.

Chapter Four: Befriend his girlfriend.

Chapter Five: Master the art of sneaking up on people from behind.

Chapter Six: Well, let’s not spoil the ending.

Thorne, who came up as a sugary Disney star, looks hell-bent on reshaping her image both on and off screen. Playing an emotionally unhinged seductress with a thing for really big guns is a good place to start.

You Get Me hits Netflix on June 23. Watch the trailer below.