If you’re a bourbon drinker, the words “Pappy Van Winkle” probably make your booze-buds water. After all, it’s one of the rarest, priciest, hardest-to-find bottles in America, the type that causes lines thousands of people long and drives whiskey-drinkers into rages when it’s wasted.

Which makes it all the worse that Franklin County Kentucky sheriff’s may be planning to destroy around 28 bottles of the stuff, thanks to a band of whiskey thieves that made off with over $100,000 worth of bourbon last year.

The sheriff’s office had originally planned to auction off the bottles for charity, but Old Rip Van Winkle Distillery President Julian P. Van Winkle III would prefer they be destroyed because of contamination concerns.

Concerned whiskey enthusiasts have rallied behind the #PardonMyPappy hashtag on social media, but the fate of the beloved bourbon is ultimately up to the presiding judge on the case.

Via Eater.