Millions of words have been devoted to the massive tonal differences between Marvel Studios and the DC Comics-based films of Warner Bros. Pictures. Millions more will be written as both cinematic universes continue. The differences between the gloomy Justice League trailer and the brightly colored, fun-heavy Thor: Ragnarok trailer alone are enough to fill a thousand blogs.

Or you could just make a single clever YouTube video.

After the Ragnarok trailer blew up the internet Monday, some clever soul decided to take that footage and combine it with scenes from Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice in which Ben Affleck’s Bruce Wayne looks sternly at his Bat-Computer. In the actual film, he’s learning the secrets of other superhumans in the world. In this clip, though, he’s learning real fast that Marvel still owns his ass. It’s a hilarious way to waste a couple of minutes and it also speaks volumes about the ways in which these superhero universes differ.

Thor: Ragnarok hits theaters November 3. Justice League follows on November 17.